new layout

i decided to try a layout that is out of my comfort zone… it’s called Wink…


Hello world!

I have decided like my friend Tara to change over from blogspot to wordpress for my blog. I am hoping it offers more options and a better layout for my blog. I hope you join my blog and follow all of my entries that can run from my latest scrapbooking project to everyday life…


Tomorrow Tomorrow I love you tomorrow…. you’re only a day away!

do you ever feel like you are in a funk? Whether it’s eating, housework, reading, just doing anything… I feel like that lately…especially in the house! Let’s be honest… after being gone from the house for 12-13 hours a day, I sure am not wanting to rush home to cook or clean! And the weekends I just want to relax and watch some tv or scrapbook! so my house suffers! And I can look thru every room in the house and they all need help… so much clutter. And that clutter stays with you thru everything! I still have my Christmas tree up! I look at it every day and think “I really need to take that down” and then say tomorrow. I am kinda sick of that word as it’s the easy out to everything! Tomorrow I will eat better… Tomorrow I will work out.. Tomorrow I will clean… Tomorrow I will organize… Tomorrow I will take the Christmas Tree down… so I have decided that Tomorrow I will do something… and it could be as simple as cleaning out one drawer, but at least it’s a start (mind you my tomorrow needs to be take the tree down!). So my challenge is to not use the word tomorrow anymore (well after this post!)… it needs to be all about today. Once I start living for today, my overall healthy lifestyle will change for the better!

on a side note, I started PVRing The Revolution on ABC this week (it started yesterday) and I have to say just watching it makes me have a better outlook on day to day living. It makes you see everything in a new light (even your flaws!)… give it a shot… you might get hooked!

my next obsession…

Doodlebug letter stickers… I have a few! I love to use them on all of my projects as they are always the perfect finish to a layout or card. I am finding that they are harder and harder to buy so when I do see them, I tend to go overboard and buy lots! lol  but my fear is that I will not have any when I need them. So, if you need a great letter, go on down to the local scrapbook store and pick up a colour/style or two!

10 lbs of buttons.. give or take a few

So people that know me know that I have scrapbooking obsessions… so I have decided to do a weekly blog on my obsession… this weeks is BUTTONS! I LOVE buttons.. I love to buy them,use them, look at them. Nothing gives better texture to a project than buttons… and I have a few… they make a great embellishment for boys or girls pages, but especially on, boy pages.  They can be round,square or flower shaped.  It doesn’t matter,  I just love buttons!

2012 Challenges

So this year, I have decided to do challenges, not resolutions…challenges seem more attainable! Below is a list of all of my scrapbooking challenges!

  1. I love to use one line for a book… i buy all the paper and embellishments but this year I am going to scrapbook with mix and match papers. Just paper that I see and love… no matter what is on the preceeding two pages. This will be difficult at first, but with my monthly kits from studio calico it will make it easier!
  2. I would love to be on a design team… to use my creative ideas to help others! This I feel will be the most difficult of my challenges but if I keep getting myself and my work out there, I am hopefull that someone will see it and will want it for their team.
  3. I have this book called 52 more scrapbooking challenges by Dear Lizzie, and I plan on doing one per week and showing my work here on my blog. This will really help with the mix and match paper challenge above.
  4. My goal is to do a Life 365 +1 this year. I have tried this before, but failed. Maybe by starting the first of the year, it will make it go more smoothly. Here’s hoping… I will be posting pictures on here as I go along.
  5. I will be doing more books for myself… I own 1 so far in all the years I have scrapbooked. Kinda sad… even my wedding album is not done! maybe I can work on this more thru the year! I would like to keep some of the work that I do… but I will still do books for others, as I still love to give them away!
  6. My hope is to buy less product and use up what I have. There really is no need for me to have more paper (I am saying this knowing that there will be new lines for all the companies in the next month or so!) or embellishments until I start to use up my old stuff! We will see how that goes!
  7. I really need to blog more and show off my work or just blog about every day life! An active blog is another great way to be seen and found! So, here is to a lot of blog posts in the new year!

I am hoping that all of these are accomplishable… but at least I will try. And whatever I do not accomplish this year can be carried on into the next year. That is the best part about challenges… there are no failures… as long as they were attempted!

So here is to a great 2012! It’s all about a possitive attitude and a love of creating!


December 20th…

So much to do so little time… 5 days till Christmas and I have basically finished all my shopping… one last thing for my mom’s birthday on Saturday and something small for my dad… just not sure what yet… tonight I made a couple of Christmas cards, a gift tag, a gift and watched

so I think it has been a very productive day! below is the gift I made for a lady at work…